Do I need an appointment

Yes, appointments are required. In order for us to provide exceptional customer service, we require appointments to ensure there is a Vesa team-member available to assist you at all times. You are welcome to stop in to look around and an appointment will be provided for you.

Am I Able to Bring a Big Group to My Appointment

Yes, we can accommodate a small or Large group as long as we are aware of how many people will be coming in; at the time of scheduling the appointment. We suggest bringing 2 of your most trusted family member/friends to help you decide on the perfect bridesmaid/mother of the occasion style. You would want to bring someone who knows your wedding style. Many times the opinions of more than 2 people can be overwhelming.

Can I purchase a dress off the rack

You are more than welcome to purchase off the rack. If you fall in love with a style or you don't have time to place a special order.

Will I need alterations

All special order dresses will need to be altered. We have an in-house seamstress who performs fittings and alterations by appointment only. Vesa Dresses is no longer providing alterations to bridesmaid parties due to the overwhelming response to our bridal styles. However, we can go over what alterations may be required and recommend a few local places that will be able to accommodate the group of bridesmaids.

Do you alter outside dresses? Dresses not purchased in the store

Yes, we can assist you with alterations even if you did not purchase your dress with us. You will need an appointment.

Are Alterations included in the price of the dress

No, alterations are a separate fee from the price of the dress. The payment for alterations is due when the dress is picked up.

Do you except returns

We do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds on any merchandise. All sales are final at time of purchase.

Do you carry Bridal Gowns

Yes, we do. See VesaBrides.com

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